In the town of Matatlan in Oaxaca there is a small Palenque (distillery) where Mayahuel - the godess - laid her legacy to Mastro Mezcalero (Master Distiller).



The quality of our product resides in the knowledge and dedication to pursue the best quality using traditional methods.

We are owners to our own Palenque, which is the main reason why we always may assure the best quality.
We never mix our products with others from outside.

We do no have industrialized processes nor techniques because we believe that, when something is build
consciously and from the heart of each one and other, only good things may arise.

Most of our tools such as tins, oven, distiller, rectification tanks, have been made by Mexican hands over-achieving their standards to create master pieces.

This is the reason why each bottle receives a number of production and either a signature of Maestros Mezcaleros or our Marketing manager.

All our providers, collaborators and clients receive always a human and fair treatment.

Also all of our products and processes are inspected and certified by CRM (Consejo regulador del Mezcal).



CONTACT DETAILS: + 52 (55) 63648918


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