We are commited to keep the the tradition of MEZCAL alive, that is the reason why all of techniches respect a legacy of 5 generations in the hands of our Maestro.


In Mexican and in particular cultures from OAXACA, it is the person that knows how to cook the tortillas, chiles or Mole who always one of the most respected persons in the community.

In a conic hole in the ground we pile up rocks from the cerro (small mountain), same one where we have the agaves, then Maestres fill the hole with lember and fires it up until there is none lember left. This heats up the rocks. Once they are red from the heat we add the agaves or “pinas” into the hole, ath the end looks like small pile of ¨piñas¨ that get covered with soil, then is rested for 3 to 5 days.

Some of them the agaves touching the rocks get toasted and is one of the many reasons of the strong smoky taste.



Some people call this method - CHILENA - some other - TAHONA - no matter the name is effective.

Once the agave is cooked and out of the oven, is left for a while to get cold and can be hand moved, we place enough on the tahona wheel and chop it into small part and that is when our horse starts it´s part of the job, he begins moving the wheel around and Maestro follows him making sure the agave gets grinded.

This may take up some time, each load will at least take 6 hours.

imagen tahona


The fermentation process is quite simple, Maestro just moves the smashed agave into a tin made with wood from the region and lets nature do its part.

So, basically all that is required is add a some water and let it rest from 5 to 8 days, depending on the weather of course.

We assure you that no chemicals of any kind get added ot this stage, one reason is because we are commited to keep things traditional and the second is because we keep the taste.

imagen tinas


Maestreo Celso lets this process run and do not separates ¨cuts¨the Mezcal.

Our products are double distilled and some times for special editions such as pechugas and Ensambles maybe a third distillation.

We use a copper still from end to end is all copper.And there is always ome one controlling the fire level.

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